Rush Limbaugh Talks of Real Clinton Problem

Rush Limbaugh in this radio broadcast talked about the biggest problem we all have with Clinton.

Limbaugh talks about Clinton and opposes her but in this clip he talked about her in 2007 and how everyone looks at youth and model skinny bones as the ideal girl. But she would be getting old then. Well in 2016 she will be even older.

So the question is that Limbaugh asks is Hillary Clinton too old to be President? Will she get older and not age well. Will people vote for someone who would get old in front of them.

This is Limbaugh. This is you to hear.

Stop Hillary Clinton’s Iron Triangle of Corruption!

In the American politics, politicians are known to be key players in a game that can take any turn at any moment. If one is to delve in deeper in the American government’s psyche, we would find that all the agreements and hush-hush dealings make a good amount of decisions of American politics. Although on the surface of it, corporations and firms do not have political backing, the powerful and wealthy do have that furtive hand in the political, social as well as financial aspect of the American community.

In America, the lobbyists and political fraternity are found to be in constant activity. Influential organizations (the lobbying kind), the legislative industry and the easy-to-manage bureaucracies work in a united and dominant manner where they have their own set of self-interests. These people are nevertheless the influential big shots who compose the three sides of American politics commonly referred to as the ‘Iron Triangle.’ Iron Triangle follows a strategy of communal gains and benefits. The most power such group is the military industrial complex. The senate Committee on Armed Services is very frequently cited as the best example in the case of Iron Triangle.

The American history has witnessed many examples of an iron triangle. The working relationship between the House Committee on Aging, the American Association of Retired Person (AARP) and the Social Security Administrations is a perfect example of an Iron Triangle working in great profitability. To view in a broader spectrum, the AARP (the interest group) provides finances to political candidates of high caliber. Truly inspired by all such monetary contributions, the respective political candidate either endorses or combats legislations that have made it through Congress. Hence, to keep the House Committee on Aging satisfied, the congress in turn supports the increment in the agency’s budget or authority. Next, the Committee on Aging goes further to pass rules that are of good benefit to AARP and this is how the relationship tends to benefit all players.

Iron Triangle has often been blamed to have an effect of corporate ruling and dominance in the political system of America. It has often been regarded as a cycle where individual interests have been reserved and an aura of dominance created in the political framework of the country.

According to critics, Iron Triangle is able to achieve goals through the channel of special interests in the corporate sector. Although an American has the liberty for petitioning the government for redressing, a good majority of the lobbies are running under special interest support and firm backing. It is very rare, in fact close to non-existence that you would find a small business group in the limitations of Iron Triangle operations. This is because a small business does not have the capital or the resources to provide for the huge corporation that is working in the triangle itself. It is now a well-known fact that when Senators retire from their positions, these serve as perfect candidates for consultancy and as lobbyists. This is because all ex-politicians are very much familiar with the inside machinery of the American politics and they know it well enough how to turn things in favor of what group.

Hillary Clinton Is a Big Government Bureaucrat!

Hillary Clinton will be the candidate for big government and will ruin business people everywhere.

There are numerous ways through which you could improve business. One way to do that would be through eliminating bureaucracy. Make sure to create a list of priorities for business improvements and consider adding bureaucracy on the top. The key to a successful business is one that has eliminated the demon of bureaucracy. History has clearly stated how red tapes and the demon have caused losses to companies. The process involves following a series of procedures that cause trouble to everybody who is concerned with business processes. This demon tends to develop over time. It is not done in a day but inclement over a period of time, therefore, it has to be nipped in the bud so that it turns inefficient over time.

Now when you have been told that bureaucracy is a demon, you wonder why so many people support it. The obvious answer to that is because companies and people fear making mistakes or use it as plan B, also called a backup plan, in case things go wrong. Most of the people do not even realize that this process is building and when they come to terms with it, things reach a point where nothing could be done.

The next question is pretty obvious. Why do you think bureaucracy exists in some places and how you can eliminate it? The process to elimination is not difficult. Draw out a plan of the company, rather a map, and set it out on the table. Ask them whether bureaucracy exists in any of the departments on the map. Wherever it does, highlight or circle that spot. If there is a certain area where team members believe it does not exist while you have an uneasy feeling that it does, then you would like to convince them to say it. Make sure to give them an uneasy look suggesting that they may need to reconsider whatever they are thinking about the department. There will come a point when someone among them will speak up when he or she realizes that things are in the wrong. As soon as that happens, you would like to hit on that point and ask them to elaborate why they think there is bureaucracy. If they will tell you there is something strange about it that will be the opportunity for you and them to discuss further on that point. Once the fact comes out, you are good to go. Just make sure to use this opportunity to speak up and learn whether there is a problem and how you will tackle it.

If the system has become entrenched because of rich members of the power elite like Hillary Clinton, then it will probably take baby steps to come out of it. However, you ought to understand that consistency is the key to dealing with bureaucracy. Think about your business and eliminate it.

A Hillary Clinton win will mean more big government and more bureaucracy.

People Unite Against Hillary Clinton

Political Ticker reports in an article that a political action committee or PAC is forming by Ted Harvey of Colorado to oppose Hillary Clinton.

He has been a big supporter of stopping the mad gun control bills going on. A media strategist from John McCain’s 2008 run for President is also joining him name Garret Marquis.

Also coming is Alex Shively who was an aid to Congress Tom Price- one of the great ones.

People are stepping up and coming together to unite against Hillary!

Join in!